Authors and Producers


GARRETT SHERWOOD - Author/Producer

Garrett Sherwood is a recent graduate of Westminster College with his Master’s in Strategic Communication, and lives in Provo,UT with his wife and son, where he works as a project manager. He has followed a variety of paths in his life, including being a full-time poet and certified yoga instructor, but now just wants to continue writing more rock operas.

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Garrett is the author of  "Trust Falls into Wet Cement" and "All These Hands are Tree Trunks"



RYAN J. HAYES - Author/Producer

Ryan Hayes is a true son of the American West. He thrives on the excitement of discovery, which has led him to travel the world and become a student of many disciplines. Whilst he works professionally as a geologist, he is increasingly enchanted by the humanities and works most passionately as a songwriter. As part of the folk duo Midas Whale, Ryan released an album in 2014, titled Sugar House. 

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Midas Whale
Ryan turned 4 chairs on The Voice, Season 4.


photo by   Kristopher Orr

JON PETER LEWIS - Producer/Stage Director

Jon is a celebrated musician who was a finalist on American Idol and competed on The Voice with Ryan Hayes as the folk duo Midas Whale. 

Jon met Ryan and Garrett in 2009 at an open mic in Rexburg, Idaho and joined in the collaboration of Deep Love. Jon's discography includes 3 solo albums and the folk duo's most recent release, Sugar House.

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Midas Whale
American Nobody
Jon turned 4 chairs on The Voice, Season 4

Key Crewmembers

BEN MATHEWS - Musical Direction/Arrangement

ARIEL LaFONTAINE - Makeup Design


DAVID EPPS - Photography

The Deep Love Family

Deep Love is made possible only by the scores upon scores of volunteers, and supporters we have had from the beginning. We are a family because we all work toward one common goal: bringing Deep Love to the world.